Cina, rilasciati dopo otto anni di carcere

Ieri 12 marzo 2009, Yang Zili e Zhang Honghai, 2 dei 4 membri del New Youth Study Group che erano stati ingiustamente imprigionati, sono stati rilasciati dopo aver scontato otto anni.

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Today, March 12th, Yang Zili and Zhang Honghai, two of the four members of the New Youth Study Group who were wrongly imprisoned, have been released from prison after serving eight years. There are reports that Zhang Honghai’s older brother met him as he was discharged from Hangzhou’s “Qiaosi” Prison at 8:30 this morning and that they are to return home to Lishui tonight.

At noon, Yang Zili was also sent by the prison to the local police station in Beijing’s Haidian District, where he holds a residency permit, to handle issues relating to his ID and such. After these procedures, it is reported that he may return to his hometown in Hebei to reside temporarily.

In order to welcome the release of Yang Zili, the Laogai Research Foundation has published Meditations: Essays by Yang Zili to coincide with this time of grieving and rejoice and honor its reflective and courageous author. Moreover, we anxiously await the release of the remaining two imprisoned members of the New Youth Study Group, Xu Wei and Jin Haike, which should take place two years from now.

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