Cina: Orrore in ospedale

Una registrazione video mostra un contenuto shock di un abuso consumato dentro un ospedale mentale cinese. Segue l’articolo in inglese.

Video footage revealing shocking abuse in a Chinese mental hospital has been circulating among Chinese bloggers recently.
The video footage shows three hospital staff workers in white lab coats kicking and beating an elderly patient with a mop and tying her to a bed. Staff are also shown making her sit naked from the waist down on top of a plastic cloth during winter.

The footage was posted by Zhu Chuanming, who claimed that nurses in Shandong Province’s Laiwu Mental Hospital abused his mother, Wang Xiuying. She died eight days after she was admitted to the hospital. The source of the footage is from a news report from Shandong Province’s Qilu TV station on Dec. 30, 2008.

Sparking great anger among Chinese bloggers, the footage also drew attention from overseas Falun Gong practitioners. Zhang Zhaojing, a representative of the Toronto Falun Dafa Association in Canada said that they were very concerned about this incident. The video is evidence of what Falun Gong practitioners have stated for the past nine-plus years—that the Chinese Communist regime has widely put Falun Gong practitioners in mental hospitals and used torture to force them to denounce their belief.

Mr. Zhang said that on the Minghui Web site there were 5,259 cases of persecution of Falun Gong practitioners that were linked to mental hospitals. Among the 3,231 death cases, 68 deaths were linked to detention in mental hospitals. In addition, several hundred Falun Gong practitioners also reported that they were subjected to the same kind of beating Wang Xiuying suffered in the mental hospital.
Mr. Zhang believes this video footage has revealed to the world the big dark secret of the Chinese Communist regime using mental hospitals to commit human rights violations against Chinese people on a large scale.

In a report filed by Chen Jinhua, 67, a Falun Gong practitioner from Chengdu City, Ms. Chen wrote, “On June 25, 2002, I was taken to the Wanchun Town Mental Hospital against my will by Hu Dongxiang and Yu Xiuyun (female), both from Hesheng Town’s 610 Office. I was forced to take a psychotropic drug. I was given an injection when I refused to take the drug. I resolutely refused to cooperate, so the doctor and nurses would send for other mentally ill patients to hold me down and force the drug down my throat, or give me an injection. If I refused the injection, they would tie me up with my hands and legs spread wide apart and would force the injection, or force the drug into my mouth.”

Ms. Chen also wrote, “In the mental hospital I also came into contact with another Falun Gong female practitioner, Yang Chongyu, who was from Pi County. She was in her fifties and was an officer at the local tax bureau. She was in great health. The hospital staff tried to force her to take the psychotropic drug, which she refused. The doctor therefore used pliers to knock out two of her teeth in order to force the drug down her throat.

“We were seen practicing the Falun Gong exercises together, so the hospital staff forbade us to practice. However, we refused to listen. The hospital Chief, Deng Qianzhi, dragged Ms. Yang away for an electric shock treatment and also forced me to watch the awful scene. They put two small alligator clips on Ms. Yang’s nose and shocked her with electric currents. Ms. Yang shouted and yelled loudly several times from the severe pain, until she could no longer do so. Her faced turned green and her eyes shut. I felt so terrible that I cried. Deng Qianzhi then threatened me and said, ‘This is going to happen to you if you continue to practice Falun Gong.’”

Ms. Yang and Ms. Chen were detained in a hospital room with two Alzheimer’s patients who were in their late sixties. Ms. Chen said the room smelled terrible because there were human feces all over, including the floor, the walls, the bed, and the patients’ bodies. Ms. Chen later learned that Ms. Yang eventually became mentally ill from being brutally abused in the mental hospital, and could no longer live a normal life after going home. Ms. Yang died in September 2007.

On the Minghui Website there are more than one thousand case reports that are linked to similar abuse and persecution in mental hospitals.

Qian Dawei is a Chinese immigrant who has lived in Toronto for more than a decade. He used to refuse to believe these kinds of stories told by his Falun Gong friends because they were simply too horrifying. However, the news about the mother of the famous cop-killing man, Yang Jia, being mysteriously detained in a mental hospital a while ago, had somehow forced him to change his mind.
Another Chinese immigrant, Shi Jieshen, expressed his anger after watching the footage, “This kind of video footage should be viewed by people from all over the world. Just let them see how evil this is.”

By Jin Xin
Epoch Times Staff


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