Cina: oltre 2.000 studenti si scontrano con la polizia

La sera del 21 giugno più di 2.000 studenti delle scuole medie di Paoche hanno circondato ed attaccato il palazzo del governo della città perchè sconvolti dalla decisione di trasferire la scuola.

Segue articolo in inglese:

This Centre has learned that more than 2,000 middle school students of Paoche Middle School in Pizhou City, Jiangsu Province surrounded and attacked the city government building on the evening of 21 June because they were upset about the city government’s decision to relocate the school. Some people were injured when students clashed with several hundred riot police personnel, but the number of injured or dead is unknown. The students did not disperse until the secretary of the city’s Party committee, Feng Qipu, promised that Paoche Middle School would not be relocated after all.

A former secretary of the party committee of Pizhou City, Li Lianyu, is a well-known figure from the “streets lined to welcome him on return from the 17th Party Congress” affair. When he was in office he carried out a “seven schools built together” plan to move certain well-known middle schools from locations rather far from the urban area into the city centre. On 15 April that iron-fisted party secretary was removed from office and replaced by Feng Qipu. On taking office, Feng Qipu wanted to change Li Lianyu’s policies, and he ordered that middle schools relocated to the city centre be moved back where they had been to facilitate students attending school near where they live. Last month the city government encountered opposition to the first such move, that of Guanhu Middle School back to its former location. A few days ago, the city government decided to move Paoche Middle School back where it was before. But the construction of the new location for Paoche Middle School was completed six months ago, and moving it again would not only be a waste of energy and money, even more so it would adversely affect the lives of more than 3,000 students and 400 teachers and staff. So students started gathering at noon on 21 June, and by the evening there were more than 2,000 on the scene. Students attempted to charge into the city government building but were prevented by riot control police, with injuries to both sides. One police vehicle was smashed up. Later, city party committee secretary and concurrent acting mayor Feng Qipu explicitly promised that Paoche Middle School would not be relocated. Only then did the students disperse.

Development in many of China’s cities is a matter of “the new secretary bringing in a new government.” The city party secretary seeks to achieve something while in office because he wants to be promoted. Then the next city party secretary does the very opposite of what his predecessor did, wasting energy and money.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 24 giugno 2010


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