Cina e America positive rispetto alle reciproche bugie

Il presidente Usa Barack Obama è determinato a costruire una relazione positiva con la Cina, nell’ottica di un interesse reciproco. Ha espresso questa intenzione mentre accoglieva alla Casa Bianca il nuovo ambasciatore cinese Zhang Yesui.

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China has welcomed US President Barack Obama’s expression Mar 29 of “determination to further develop a positive relationship with China”, saying this “serves the fundamental interest of the two countries and their people.” President Obama had made his comment while welcoming the new Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yesui at the White House.The two sides’ comments came as the next round of their high level strategic and economic talks were expected to be held in Beijing in late May. Secretary State Hillary Clinton and Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner will travel to Beijing for the purpose.

The Chinese comments especially welcomed what US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg had said at the Foreign Press Center in Washington on Mar 29 after meeting with Zhang. He had said the “US seeks a relationship with China marked by a positive and pragmatic cooperation in which we expand our areas of mutual interest while candidly addressing our differences.”

On Tibet, a sour point in relations between the two sides, Steinberg, who had recently visited China, has said, “We reaffirmed our position that we do consider Tibet to be a part of the People Republic of China and do not support independence for Tibet, but we strongly support continued dialogue between the Chinese government and the representatives of the Dalai Lama to resolve the differences.”

China’s official media welcomed the comment’s part about Tibet being part of China, but conspicuously ignored the one about the need for Sino-Tibetan dialogue.

Reuters Mar 31 cited Steinberg as saying he had reassured senior Chinese leaders during his visit that the US did not support independence for Taiwan. “We oppose unilateral attempts by either side to change the ‘status quo,’ he was further quoted as saying. In particular, China’s official Xinhua news agency Mar 30 cited Steinberg as saying the US understood that its commitment to the one-China policy was “the bedrock of the foundation of the relationship between the two countries.”

“China valued the reaffirmation by the US side on its commitment to China on the Taiwan and Tibet-related issues,” Xinhua Mar 29 quoted the country’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang as saying in a press release.

Relations between the two countries were severely tested in recent months by a series of issues, including the Chinese response to US arms sales to Taiwan, the Dalai Lama’s meeting with Mr Obama, the issue of Google, as well as US concerns about China’s economic and trade policy and military modernization. All these issues remain to be addressed.

“There are plenty of things coming up that could derail the relationship” between the two countries despite the current positive comments, the AFP Mar 31 quoted Nina Hachigian, a China expert at the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think-tank, as saying.

In the meanwhile, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang has put the issue and the prospects in improving relations between the two sides on a grand scale. RTTNews Mar 30 quoted Qin as saying: “Both China and the US are countries of major influence around the world and a sound China-US relationship serves the fundamental interest of the two countries and their people and contributes to peace, stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region and the world at large.”

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 1 aprile 2010


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