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Cina, continua la persecuzione religiosa: chiuse due chiese

Due case di religiose in due diverse province della Cina sono state recentemente chiuse e le loro superiore arrestate con vari pretesti. Il Regime è ancora a caccia delle altre responsabili. All’inizio di aprile una dozzina tra agenti di polizia e addetti agli affari religiosi hanno fatto irruzione nella casa di un parrocchiano della città di Xinyang, nella Contea di Luoshan, provincia di Henan, arrestando lui e una sua ospite, anch’essa membro della comunità religiosa, con l’accusa di ‘attività di culto’ e di ‘associazione illecita’.

Segue l’articolo in inglese

Two house churches in different provinces in China were suppressed recently, and several female organizers were charged with various excuses. The regime is still hunting for other organizers.
In the beginning of April, a dozen police and local religious affairs officials broke into the home of a local house church member in Luoshan County, Xinyang City in central China’s Henan Province. The police arrested the host and a female guest who is also a house church member, and accused them of being involved in “cult activities” and “illegal assembly.”
Another local house church member Mr. Li, provided the RFA reporter current information that the regime has not issued any arrest notice, nor released the where the two women are detained. “The police also confiscated over 20 Gospel CDs and over 100 Gospel brochures, and accused us of being an illegal religious organization,” said Li, adding they were looking for legal advice and help to secure their release.
The same police and religious affairs officials also ransacked a house church gathering in Ningshan County, Nanchong City in southwest China’s Sichuan Province in the middle of April. Three female members were detained for seven days for “disturbing social order with cult organization.”
Local church member Mr. Liao told the RFA reporter, similar things happened last year as well. “They have never stopped trying to arrest church organizers. Last year, they arrested three of our sisters, and sentenced them to a one year labor camp term, so we filed a court case, and the two sisters were later released because of lack of evidence.
However, the regime has never slacked off its roundup.”
The chairman of the Chinese House Church Alliance, Zhang Mingxuan said, “Because they refuse to register with the regime, it has used this excuse to forcibly relocate, arrest, detain and even use labor camp terms to suppress church members.”

By Feng Riyao
Radio Free Asia, posted on DossierTibet 6 may 2009