Cina, bloccata la privatizzazione di una azienda. Non pagava gli operai

In Cina le procedure per la privatizzazione di una azienda che produce acciaio di proprietà statale è stata bloccata dopo una manifestazione di migliaia di lavoratori che protestavano per il mancato salario. Lo hanno riportato i media cinesi.

Segue la notizia in inglese

China was forced to halt the privatisation of a state-owned steel firm after a protest by thousands of workers who said they had not received fair pay, state media reported.
It was the second time in less than a month that workers have been able to halt the privatisation of a Chinese steel plant as Beijing tries to overhaul the sprawling and inefficiently run industry.

Last month, a crowd assaulted and killed an executive who was managing the acquisition of state-owned Tonghua Steel in northeast Jilin province.

The latest protest was in central Henan province, where workers at state-owned Linzhou Steel Corporation opposed a proposed take-over by Fengbao Iron & Steel Co. Ltd, a private firm, the communist mouthpiece, Xinhua news agency reported.

The demonstration began on Tuesday and only ended on Saturday after a government mediation team promised to temporarily call off the deal, Xinhua said.

The workers demanded higher compensation for those who had lost jobs as well as unpaid wages over the course of the restructuring of Linzhou Steel, which began in August 2008. the news agency said.

Linzhou Steel, established in 1969, has 5,122 workers and pensioners on its regular payroll, of whom 2,995 were still working, according to Xinhua. The plant produces roughly 400,000 tonnes of pig iron and 100,000 tonnes of cement a year.

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