Chinese Woman’s Forced Abortion at Six Months Is Official Government Rape

A Chinese woman’s violent forced abortion at six months has made world headlines. She was dragged out of her home and forcibly aborted at six months while her husband was detained so that he could not help her.

Reggie Littlejhon, Women’s Right Without Frontiers, 10/04/2013

China Couple Speak of Forced Abortion

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, stated: “Our hearts are broken for this couple in the violent loss of their child. Their experience demonstrates once again the violence of China’s One Child Policy – having their door kicked in by more than a dozen Family Planning Officials, dragged off in the middle of the night and forcibly aborted at six months of pregnancy.

“Sadly, they are not alone. The Chinese government will forcibly abort women up to the ninth month of pregnancy. These forced abortions are sometimes so violent that the women themselves die along with their full term babies. Forced abortion is official government rape.

“For every couple brave enough to go public with their late-term forced abortion, there are thousands or millions who suffer the same fate silently. The Chinese Communist Party boasts that it has prevented 400 million lives through the One Child Policy. They have reported 336 million abortions and 200 million sterilizations in the coercive enforcement of the Policy. Almost 1500 babies per hour are aborted under this hideous policy. Many, if not most of these abortions and sterilizations are forced.

“I believe we in the West are complicit with the coercive enforcement of the One Child Policy. We are funding UNFPA and International Planned Parenthood (IPPF), both of which organizations have been working hand and hand with the Chinese Communist Party in implementing the One Child Policy for decdes. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell found UNFPA to be complicit with coercive population control in China, and the Bush administration cut off funding. The Obama administration has restored this funding.

“Where are the UNFPA and IPPF now? Why are they always silent, even in the face of the most violent crimes against women in China? Silence in the face of such atrocities constitutes complicity.

“The European Parliament and the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) have both issued statements condemning forced abortion. They should put their money where their mouth is by investigating UNFPA and IPPF. I believe any unbiased investigation will reveal complicity.

“Private citizens can take action by signing our petition against forced abortion. Let your voice be heard!”

Couple speak of forced abortion:


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