Altre demolizioni di case in Cina

Nella Provincia dell’Hebei le autorità hanno iniziato un enorme progetto di urbanizzazione nel 2008. Il progetto comprendeva la demolizione di numerose case. Tali demolizioni continuano ed alcuni residenti protestano questi veri e propri espropri forzati del regime. Segue l’articolo in inglese
In 2008, authorities in China’s northern Hebei Province started a massive urbanization project, called the “Three Year Transformation Project.” It’s a large scale demolition of mostly illegal structures, run-down buildings and residential houses.

Now some residents, whose homes have been demolished, say they’ve been victims of violence by authorities.

Wang Yawen from Pingquan County says local police demolished her home by force last Friday, injuring her in the process. Authorities offered a sum of money for her home, but her family rejected it. They say the offer was only worth one tenth of the home’s market value.

“The local government threatened us quite badly. They didn’t even have proper procedural documents when they demolished our home. We refused to sign the agreement, but then went ahead to demolish the house by force. We tried to appeal against the actions, but they detained us.”

Now in winter, Wang and her family of six have been left without a home.

Recently a photo has been passed around on Chinese Internet forums. Locals say it shows a Hebei villager being run over and killed when he tried to protest a forced demolition by authorities.

According to Hebei media reports, buildings in over 28 square miles across the province have been demolished to make way for new developments.

Fonte: New Tang Dinasty Television


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