Ad Hong Kong migliaia alla vigilia di Tiananmen

Decine di migliaia sono arrivati ad Hong Kong per la vigilia di Tiananmen. La vigilia annuale viene dopo una settimana di polemiche a Hong Kong, con 13 attivisti arrestati sabato dopo essersi scontrati con la polizia per il tentativo di costruire una “Dea della Democrazia”, statua che nel 1989 divenne un simbolo mondiale delle proteste pro-democrazia a Pechino.

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Tens of thousands in Hong Kong Friday marked the bloody 1989 crackdown on democracy protests in Beijing at a candle-lit vigil, as agitation against China’s stewardship intensifies in the ex-British colony.The annual vigil comes after a week of controversy in Hong Kong, with 13 activists arrested Saturday after clashing with police over their attempt to erect a “Goddess of Democracy” statue in the Times Square shopping district.The statue emulated the papier-mache edifice that in 1989 became a worldwide symbol of the pro-democracy protests in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, which were crushed by the army at the cost of hundred of lives.
A sea of people packed the city’s Victoria Park holding candles as they listened to music and short speeches calling for an end to the one-party state in China.
Amy Lai, a clerk who came with her husband, said: “We came to remember Tiananmen Square, of course, but also to support democracy here – that’s very important to us.”
Wu’er Kaixi, one of the best-known student leaders of the Tiananmen protests, was arrested Friday after entering the Chinese embassy in Tokyo, Japanese media reports said.
In central Beijing, black cars marked “special police” – each manned with two armed officers wearing helmets and flak jackets – were seen patrolling at regular intervals.
Hong Kong has a separate legal system from China as part of the deal that returned the former British colony to Chinese rule in 1997, and it remains a centre for dissident activity because of its vigorous devotion to free speech.
Lee Cheuk-yan, a legislator and head of the Confederation of Trade Unions, said the annual event also highlighted the city’s own political struggle.
Campaigners in Hong Kong are upset over what they say is Chinese interference over the pace of democratic reform in the wealthy financial hub, where elections are skewed in favour of pro-Beijing business elites.
“It’s not just a matter of June 4 any more,” Lee told AFP. “Now it’s also a matter of protecting our freedom so we don’t become like mainland China.”
In the run-up to this year’s anniversary, families of those killed in 1989 grouped under the name “Tiananmen Mothers” demanded that Beijing end its silence and open a dialogue on the bloodshed.
Sculptor Chen Weiming, a New Zealand national who lives in the United States, was deported Wednesday after he tried to enter Hong Kong to inspect the “Goddess of Democracy” statue’s condition, according to legislator James To.
Students at Chinese University of Hong Kong vowed to erect the statue on their campus after Friday night’s vigil, defying a ban by university administrators.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 5 giugno 2010


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