60 anni di comunismo cinese. In molti chiedono la liberta’

Gruppi differenti, ma tutti contro lo stesso regime

Erano di fronte al Consolato cinese in New York la notte scorsa, mentre in Pechino, 12 ore in avanti, il Partito comunista stava festeggiando. Il 1 ottobre segna il 60mo anniversario della presa del potere del Partito comunista in Cina.

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Different groups, all protesting the same regime.

They were outside the Chinese consulate in New York last night, while in Beijing, 12 hours ahead, the Communist Party was celebrating. October 1st marks the 60th anniversary of the Communist Party’s takeover of China.

But here in New York, for these people, it’s a day to remember for another reason.

Jeremy Taylor, Free Church for China
“It’s not a celebration, it’s more of a mourning – for the 100 million Chinese people who lost their lives from unnatural deaths because of the Chinese Communist Party. More Chinese lost their lives than [under] Hitler and Stalin combined, because of the Chinese Communist Party. That’s why we’re all here.”

Ann Noonan, Free Church for China
“Some of the other groups that are here tonight are democracy seekers, Falun Gong practitioners, Tiananmen survivors, and human rights advocates.”

In China, under the communist regime, there is no true freedom of religion.

Ann Noonan, Free Church for China
“And the Catholic church in China is persecuted severely. Bishop Jia is a senior citizen who takes care of orphans who are handicapped – and if he were in the United States he would be receiving awards for the good work that he does on behalf of the needy. And in China he is arrested regularly. Frequently… and incarcerated, followed. It’s very sad.”

Bishop Jia is an underground bishop of Zhengding County in Hebei Province. His arrest in March this year coincided with a meeting at the Vatican of the Plenary Commission on the Church in China.

Ann Noonan, Free Church for China
“And I join the voices of fellow Catholics throughout the world to ask the People’s Republic of China in good faith effort to release Bishop Jia.”

When Louie Russo, a Falun Gong practitioner from Long Island learned that the Empire State Building would be lit with red and yellow to mark the communist revolution, he was shocked.

Louie Russo, Falun Gong Practitioner
“And quite honestly, as a Falun Gong practitioner and as an American citizen, I’m really unhappy and quite upset about that.”

In China, Falun Gong practitioners are systematically persecuted, tortured and detained in China’s labor camps, prisons, and detention centers.

Louie Russo, Falun Gong Practitioner
“Well, Falun Gong for the last 10 years has suffered a very systematic, a very brutal persecution in which right now an unknown number of people have unfortunately lost their lives. Plenty of people have been tortured to the point of being disabled, others just tortured and harassed to the point where their lives are ruined – and the numbers could be in the 10s or hundreds of thousands or even more. It’s really hard to get information out. But we do know this is happening and this is a known fact. For 10 years now it’s been going on.”

NTD News, New York October 1, 2009


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