500 tibetani sfidano il freddo e protestano a New York

New York, Usa – Più di 500 tibetani hanno sfidato il freddo lunedi sera per protestare di fronte al Consolato cinese a New York.

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More than 500 strong crowds of Tibetans on Monday evening braved the freezing cold and gusting wind to hold an anti-China demonstration in front of the Chinese Consulate in New York to dumb ““Mao-Hu-Wen” gu-lu.Nyishu-Gu-Lu, as it is called in Tibetan, is a dough-made figure representing evil spirit to be exorcised as part of a religious ritual to ward off misfortune and obstruction to mark the end of a year and to prepare for an auspicious start of another year.The ritual is performed on the 29th Day (Nyishu-gu) of the 12th Lunar month, which is a day before the eve of the Tibetan New Year or Losar that begins Wednesday.“Normally Losar is the biggest festivities among Tibetans, but this year with the memory of Chinese authorities’ brutality and killings of innocent Tibetans last year still so fresh on our minds, we chose to use this holiday period to mourn for those who died under the Chinese rule,” said Tsering Palden, President of the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of New York and New Jersey.A group of skillful monks helped the organizing group to make the demonized “Mao-Hu-Wen” effigy with horns spotted on their heads. The monks believed, Tsering said, that adding horns on their heads symbolizes the mark of “evilness”.While Mao’s figure had a pair of old worn-out shoes dangling on his neck, the organizers say, both Hu and Wen has a stinking sock each placed on their necks.“Mao, Hu and Wen have earned themselves to be thrown away as Gu-lu. So with their throwing away as Lu on Nyishu-Gu, Tibetans will start to see the returning of happiness, prosperity and peace” Tsering said.“With this, New York Tibetans believed that they have successfully driven away all the bad omens, misfortune and sickness,” Tsering adds.Tibetans later chanted the “Prayer of Truth” and sang Tibetan National anthem before ending the symbolic ritual demonstrations.On the even of Tibetan New Year on Tuesday, Tibetans in the area, led by the regional youth congress, will hold a prayer event at the Union Square.

Phayul[Tuesday, February 24, 2009 12:20]


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