3 cristiani condannati ad un anno di lavoro nei laogai

Henan, Cina – ChinaAid ha ricevuto informazioni riguardo l’arresto di 50 cristiani avvenuto il 3 dicembre scorso nel villaggio di Zhoukou, nella contea di Taikang. Tree di loro sono stati condannati a un anno di rieducazione nei laogai, i campi di lavoro forzato. Segue l’articolo in inglese

HENAN – ChinaAid just received additional information regarding the 50 house church Christians arrested on December 3, 2008 in Zhoukou township of Taikang county.  Three leaders were sentenced to one year of re-education through labor:  Mr. Tang Houyong, Mr. Shu Wenxiang and Mr. Xie Zhenqi.

On December 3, Taikang county, Henan province, more than 50 house church Christians gathered in the home Xie Ruming. Officials from the Taikang County Domestic Defense Protection Squad suddenly broke into the home.  All of the Christians were arrested and officials seized the following items: 22 copies of the textbook “Training in Ministering the Gospel to Children” designed for proselytizing for the children, seven optical discs, 15 pages of proselytizing series lessons and other items.

ChinaAid confirmed that about 20 Christians were sentenced to 15 days of administrative detention and a 1,000 yuan fine. They were accused of being a “Shouter evil cult.” However, all of the arrested are members of a mainstream house church group called China Gospel Fellowship.

Tang Houyong, Shu Wenxiang and Xie Zhenqi each received a one-year sentence of re-education through labor for “illegal proselytizing” and attending an “illegal gathering.”


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