1300 Uyghuri arrestati l’anno scorso in Cina

I media di stato cinesi hanno comunicato sabato che più di 1300 Uyghurs sono stati arrestati per terrorismo, estremismo e per mantenere lo stato di sicurezza nella regione autonoma dello Xinjiang, nell’est Turkistan. Segue l’articolo in inglese.

Chinese state media said on Sunday that more than 1300 Uyghurs were arrested for terorisim , religious extremism and for state security charges in East Turkistan ( Xinjiang) perior to the Olympics in last year.
Although Chinese government said that arrest made to keep security of China, since Uyghur separatist stir up unrest to sabotage the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, local Uyghurs informed ETIC that most of the unrest were caused by harsh repression and ethnic cleansing policy of Chinese government against the Uyghurs.

Uyghurs were 17 million people according to Uyghur sources in East Turkistan. According to Chinese government statistics there is only 4% Han Chinese in 1949 when Chinese communist party invaded East Turkistan. Currently population of Han Chinese is more than 48% and China continuously immigrating millions of Han Chinese every year into East Turkistan, rapidly exploiting natural resources. Uyghurs were segregated, largely unemployed and harshly pressured under the Chinese state terror. Wide spread arrest were intensified each year through various regular based hide strike campaigns in East Turkistan without any evidence but based on police imagination.
ETIC estimates numbers of arrest in 2008 are far greater than the 1300 people that China announced.

Source : ETIC ,5 gennaio 2009


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