100 detenuti nel sud della Mongolia

Almeno 90, tra pastori, studenti e residenti sono stati arrestati nel sud della Mongolia durante le proteste di un gruppo di studenti cinesi alimentate dal loro risentimento nei confronti del regime.

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At least 90 students, herders and ordinary residents have been arrested in Southern Mongolia, a rights group said, amid serious ethnic unrest fuelled by resentment over Chinese rule.Around 40 ethnic Mongol students and herders were detained in flashpoint areas in the Xilingol area of the vast northern region, the US-based Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center said.An estimated 50 students and residents were also arrested during several protests in the regional capital Hohhot last month, the rights group said late Sunday.The vast region of Inner Mongolia has been hit by a wave of demonstrations sparked by the May 10 killing of an ethnic Mongol protester who tried to block a coal truck driven by a member of China’s dominant Han ethnicity. The incident led to protests across the region. China moved swiftly to tighten security, including sealing off some restive college campuses, and residents in protest-hit areas have reported a tense calm has returned. The rights group said students were still confined to school campuses, in an apparent bid to avoid further unrest. “Internet is cut off and cell phones are blocked. It is outrageous and boring,” it quoted a student from the Inner Mongolian University of Agriculture as saying in an email. “Anybody who wants to go out must get approvals from the school… and the security office.” There is simmering anger among ethnic Mongols over concerns that Chinese culture is swamping their way of life.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 6 giugno 2011


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