Un tribunale di Pechino ha condannato a morte tre uomini accusati di omicidio.

Pechino (AFP). Un tribunale di Pechino ha condannato a morte tre uomini accusati di omicidio. La stampa della capitale riporta la sentenza di morte per tre uomini accusati di aver ucciso 9 tassisti. Segue il comunicato in inglese di Yahoo News/AFP.  

BEIJING (AFP) – – A Beijing court has sentenced three men to death for a spree of taxi driver killings that haunted China’s capital for years, Chinese media reported Friday.

The trio, including ring leader Li Guiyong, were sentenced for killing nine Beijing drivers between 1999 and 2006 and making off with up to 530,000 yuan (78,000 dollars) in cash and property, the Beijing Times said.

According to the paper, the three men targeted unlicensed taxi drivers and killed them after they had been driven to suburban Beijing areas. The youngest victim was reportedly 17 years old.

After beating their victims to death, the trio would stuff the bodies into wells and cover them up, it added. As well as cash, the men also took their victims’ cars and personal effects, such as watches.

The sentences were read out in front of several of the families of the victims, the paper said.  Lawyers for the three said they would appeal the sentences.

The killings began during a spate of Beijing taxi robberies which resulted in cabbies starting to carry weapons such as knives and clubs.`


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