Tibet: nuove regole restrittive per i servizi di fotocopie

Le autorità di Lhasa hanno annunciato nuove e più restrittive regole per l’uso di servizi legati a riprodurre o stampare materiale per prevenire quelle che loro chiamano attività illegali.

Segue articolo in inglese:

The authorities in Tibet’s capital Lhasa have announced strict new rules for the use of services to reproduce printed or written material in order to prevent what they call “illegal activities”.The rule was announced at a meeting of the management of the city’s reprography sector held on May 10, reported China’s official China Daily newspaper May 19, citing Lhasa Evening News.The report did not say what those “illegal activities” might be. Officials were cited as simply saying the new measures were meant to “prevent law offenders or criminals from making use of reprography facilities to conduct illegal activities”.

The report, however, did give an indication of what those illegal activities might be. It cited Xin Yuanming, deputy police chief of the Lhasa police bureau, as having said at a press conference after the Mar 14 protests in Lhasa in 2008 that some separatists constantly handed out banners and pamphlets with illegal content in Tibet.

The rules require copy service providers to strictly adopt a real-name registration system. They are required to take down the name and address of the company or the organization and the name and number of copies, as well as the name of the person who handles such services.

In the case of individual users, the relevant name, address, ID card type and number are required to be registered.

As regards those providing the services, police are required to strictly examine companies’ and individuals’ qualifications in operating reprography services. Company applicants need to get permission from the relevant authorities while individual applicants must be permanent residents in the city or those who have acquired temporary residence.

The local police are required to regularly check how effectively the new measures are being implemented.

Fonte: Dossier Tibet, 21 maggio 2010


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