Cina, telefoni bloccati per le famiglie degli attivisti

I telefoni per i familiari e tutte le persone più vicine agli attivisti dei diritti umani in Cina sono stati bloccati prima dell’apertura delle paraolimpiadi.In the run-up to the Paralympic Games in Beijing, people close to a prominent jailed blind activist have suddenly found their access to telecommunications limited.
The wife of Chen Guangcheng, a human rights lawyer currently serving a four-year jail term, said her cell phone service is often cut off in the middle of calls.
“I recently discovered that from Aug. 30 my cell phone could be disconnected at any time, and that I am not alone-other cell phone users in our village have experienced the same problem,” Yuan Weijing said.
“Sometimes I can get through, but I don´t know when it might drop…Most of the time [my brother-in-law´s] cell phone shows no signal during the day,” she added.
Chen received a four-year, three-month sentence after documenting abuses by family planning officials during the 1980s and 90s. He is currently detained at Linyi Prison in China´s eastern province of Shandong.
In a statement, the advocacy group Reporters Without Borders condemned the Chinese authorities’ apparent bid to prevent foreign journalists who will cover the Paralympics from getting in touch with those close to Chen.
Under Chinese law, he may seek parole halfway through his jail term, and Yuan recently appealed her husband´s case.

Chen Guangcheng Yuan Weijing, wife of Chen


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