L’intera famiglia di Rebiya Kadeer è perseguitata e tenuta in ostaggio

L’associazione Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) ha denunciato le persecuzioni e le minacce subite dalla dissidente Rebiya Kadeer: le sue cose e i suoi figli “saranno finiti” se continua la sua attività in giro per il mondo a favore dei diritti umani del popolo Huiguro, nel Turkestan Orientale, oppresso dal governo cinese.

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Since the release of Uyghur democracy leader Rebiya Kadeer from a Chinese prison in March 2005, her worldwide efforts to promote democracy and human rights for the Uyghur people have been met with an intense campaign on the part of the Chinese authorities to persecute her family members in East Turkestan. The Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) has documented a clear pattern of retribution and retaliation on the part of Chinese authorities in response to her human rights advocacy, who threatened just before her release that her “businesses and children would be finished” if she continued to speak out on behalf of the Uyghur people. UHRP views the systematic persecution of Ms. Kadeer’s family as deeply disturbing, and representative of the persecution of the Uyghur population in East Turkestan as a whole. UHRP calls upon the world community to voice concern about the inhumane treatment of Ms. Kadeer’s children and other relatives, and urges the Chinese government to stop targeting Ms. Kadeer’s family in an effort to pressure her into silence. “The Chinese regime has held my family hostage in an attempt to silence calls for basic human rights for Uyghurs,” said Ms. Kadeer. “Instead of listening to my calls for reform and democracy in East Turkestan, they have committed further abuses against my family members. Just like countless Uyghur political prisoners suffering in Chinese jails, my sons have been imprisoned and tortured. The world must not remain silent and allow this cycle of violence to continue unabated.” According to Ms. Kadeer’s family, her son Alim Abdureyim has recently been tortured and otherwise ill-treated in prison. Ms. Kadeer’s family believes that his life is at risk, and sources within East Turkestan report that he has suffered a serious deterioration in his health and has recently showed signs of physical and psychological trauma. Amnesty International issued an Urgent Action on Alim’s situation on September 15, 2010, and the UHRP believes that international attention is vital to protecting his life and his welfare, as well as the life and welfare of Ms. Kadeer’s imprisoned son Ablikim Abdureyim. “It is vitally important that the world continue to press Chinese authorities to treat my sons Alim and Ablikim humanely, provide them with medical care, and ensure their health and well-being,” said Ms. Kadeer. “I know that my conditions in prison improved as a direct result of international pressure for my release. If groups such as Amnesty International and the U.S. government had not pushed Chinese officials to improve their treatment of me, I might not be here today.” In November 2006, Alim was sentenced to seven years in prison and fined 62,500 USD on charges of tax evasion. Ablikim was sentenced to nine years in prison on charges of “secessionism” in April 2007. The trials of both men were plagued by a lack of evidence and conducted in the absence of due process of law. Both Alim and Ablikim were initially detained on June 1, 2006 and beaten severely by public security agents in front of their own children. Ms. Kadeer was elected president of the Uyghur American Association (UAA) on May 29, 2006 by the organization’s members at the UAA’s bi-annual congress in Washington, D.C. Ablikim is also believed to have been tortured in prison. Rebiya Kadeer’s family and former business associates have faced almost constant harassment by police ever since she was first detained by police in the regional capital of Urumchi in 1999 for her advocacy efforts, but particularly since her release and exile to the U.S. and her outspoken criticism of the Chinese government’s treatment of the Uyghur people. Soon after Ms. Kadeer arrived in exile in the U.S. in 2005, her son Alim Abdureyim was told to sign a statement confirming the Chinese government’s allegations of tax fraud and embezzlement against his mother, and was told he would “sign it in prison after we’ve broken each one of your ribs” if he refused. The harassment and persecution of Ms. Kadeer’s family members has intensified in the wake of unrest that broke out in Urumchi on July 5, 2009. UHRP is concerned that the children and other relatives of Ms. Kadeer have been subject to particularly egregious harassment since July 5, 2009 in an attempt to punish and discredit her. Amid aggressive government propaganda demonizing Ms. Kadeer as the “mastermind” of the unrest in Urumchi, and unsubstantiated government accusations that she is a terrorist, Chinese government authorities in August 2009 ordered more than 30 members of Ms. Kadeer’s family, including, her children, grandchildren and siblings, to leave their homes in a trade center formerly owned by the family. On August 4, 2009, state-controlled television broadcast interviews with Ms. Kadeer’s son Kahar, daughter Rushangul and imprisoned son Alim, as well as with Ms. Kadeer’s younger brother Memet. In the interviews, the children and brother of Ms. Kadeer were compelled to make false accusations about her role in the unrest in Urumchi and condemn her for allegedly destroying the ethnic unity that had existed in the region. The day before these interviews aired on television, the official news media published a letter that accused Ms. Kadeer of having broken her promises not to participate in “ethnic splittism” when she left China. The letter was signed by her children, their spouses and five of her young grandchildren. State media issued lengthy commentary together with the letter that appeared to have been prepared beforehand, and against a background of years of political persecution, the letter appears to have been the result of state pressure on the family members.  In early November 2006, prior to her election as president of the German-based World Uyghur Congress (WUC), Ms. Kadeer was warned through a third party that her detained sons would suffer greatly if she were to run for the position. Alim’s seven-year prison sentence was handed down later that month, on the day that Ms. Kadeer was elected as president of the WUC, and another son, Kahar, was charged with tax evasion and fined USD 12,500.

Fonte: UAA, 12 ottobre 2010


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